Robotech: The Macross Saga (vol. 1)


Booby Trap
Space Fold
The Long Wait

Drunken Master

SCORE: 3 Beers

I was dreading a hateful reality of assness when I opened up these babies. How often do we remember something from our childhood being awesome, and upon true review later in life find out that it just sucks plain hairy ass. One such suck ass movie was the "The Legend of the Lone Ranger". When I was a kid this movie ruled, TV show, fucking sucked compared to the movie. However Christopher Lloyd and crew made this movie absolutely ET level Dog shit surrounded by a festering mound of maggots feeding on the dead flesh of road kill. Yet, on the other end of the spectrum is Robotech, this series holds up very well over time and still holds a high level of intensity. Dialog, smialog, this is an action series. Did Chuck Norris when any Emmys for his Walker, TEXAS ranger series.....I think not. But besides a few silly translation oddities, this series is highly entertaining, the weakest of the first six is probably "The Long Wait". You could probably do as the title say and skip this one in the series but the story goes as the story goes. ROCK ON ROBOTECH!!!!!

Darth Buzz


"Memories, of what we used to have before..."  The is one of those times when our childhood memories don't come back to kick us in the face.  This is still damn good stuff.  It's good Sci-Fi, it's good action, and it's good soap opera.  I remember as a kid I saw only a few episodes of Robotech and I liked it but I thought it was too much like Starblazers, so I skipped out on most of the shows.  Now as a grown-up kid I think Robotech is the shit.  All the kids today need to stop watching that Gundam Wing crap and take a look at this.  I think they would be surprised that a show that came 15 years before GW is so much better. (except the animation, and really the animation in GW is not much to write home about)  It seems Drunken Master and I agree all the way on Robotech the only episode I didn't care for on this DVD was "The Long Wait."  Menmei is a real load.