Robotech: The Macross Saga (vol. 2)



Bye-Bye Mars
Sweet Sixteen
Miss Macross
Blind Game
First Contact
The Big Escape

Drunken Master

SCORE: 3 Beers

Menmei is the pinnacle blonde airhead that needs a backfist to the face. She's sixteen like, a whore needs a lesson in putting out. Now I am sure the dialog transfer leaves something to be desired, but there are some really bad zingers here. The Miss Macross episode really needs something intelligible to happen to it. That and in the same episode our hero gets fucked, however in the following episode it kinda skips that part until the writers were reminded of their little fauz-pa. Still though, this anime robo-shaite is rocking. Sober or not (Drunk as shit preferred) this crap is very entertaining. (Note to general public: If you don't dig my shit, then lay off mother fuckers. No insult intended, you strict minded fucks).

Darth Buzz


As far as Robotech is concerned, it's all good.  The weak points in this disk are mostly centered square on the shoulders of that whore Menmei.  She is such a fucking load.  If you can ignore Menmei in Miss Macross the rest is gravy.  The First Contact and The Big Escape are particularly good, where we learn more details on the Zentraedi.  Kick Ass!