Shanghai Knights


A Royal Kick In The Arse


Drunken Master

SCORE: 6 Beers

If you enjoyed Shanghai Noon then this movie is made for you. However it is superior in every way to the original Noon. The writing is better, the action is better, the story is better, and I would hope that a third Shanghai is in order. Owen Wilson from Dallas and Jackie Chan reprise roles from the first flick and I must admit it does start out a bit slow. However, Jackie's little "sister" in the movie plays her first English speaking role in her career........Oh man we's be in woodyville. She's beyond hot, she's like Africa hot in the wide open times ten. Fann Wong is new woody material as far as I'm concerned, however.........Oh fuck it, she takes her role in the movie, as small as it is and makes the movie. She reminds me a lot of Lucy Liu's role in the first movie except that she plays more of a contributing role in this one. Also, the writers of the script had a lot to play with as far as the names of characters.........Dig in.