Stealin' Stones and Breakin' Bones


Jurassic Mark

SCORE: 3 Stars

The great thing about Snatch is the pacing. This movie flies. The plot is too convoluted (on purpose) to describe so I'll just make a few statements.

Snatch is directed by Guy Ritchie, who brought us the superior Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Snatch is almost an identical (although slightly sillier) movie to Smoking Barrels both in content and style.

Some of the actors (Jason Statham and Vinnie Jones) are in both films and play almost identical characters.

Ritchie has fun with the character played by Brad Pitt, who speaks so unintelligibly, the characters in the movie can't understand him.. It's a nod to Ritchie's penchant for using characters with thick accents that non-Brits can't follow.

Next time Ritchie should branch out. Snatch is highly entertaining and masterfully paced, but arguably a small step back for the director. However, the case could be made that if you saw Snatch before Smoking Barrels, Snatch would come out on top. 

Drunken Master

SCORE: 3 Beers


Much akin to the directors previous entry lock stock and 2 smoking barrels, we get an English flick with style. Both had their moments of grandeur in the sun. However I really couldn't tell you which one I like better. This is a bit because both films seem similar in some regards ploy/story wise, as well as most of the major actors - sting return for a second run. However, this one has got Brad I'm Fucking Gorgeous Pitt in his best acting role of all time. Both he and Vinnie Jones deliver would in my drunken ass book could be Oscar fucking moments. Unlike Tarrantino, the one trick pony, (Writing doesn't fucking count, otherwise we'd have a shitload of bad ass directors) this "Guy" has a long career in direction ahead of him if it were up to me. The fucking Vinnie Jones gun confrontation is about as good as it gets, that and the first Pitt bout. I give a traditional English toast to the fuck Mr. Madonna (of the moment) Ritchie, cause that dude rocks.