Drunken Master

SCORE: 7 Beers

If those of the scant viewers and loyal returns of our web page haven't noticed, Drunken Master has restocked his bar for the week by obtaining, a bottle of Tequila, SKY Vodka, Black Label JD, various beer/wine.  This of course brings up the question of is Drunken Master Sober.  I would direct you to the review of August 2nd 2001 for further details of why DM feels the need to be shitfaced before facing 8/3/2001.  Needless to say, Spaceballs is a spoof (Mel Brooks, need one say more) of Star Wars/Star Trek/Aliens/etc....etc...."You fat bearded bitch"  This film could be described as GOD DAMN FUCK SHIT SON OF BITCH.....Don't you hate it when you are shitfaced and then your fucking wife brings out a fucking guinea pig and ruins your train of thought.  WHY DO WOMEN DO THIS SHAITE!!!!!!   GOD DAMN IT, ok, "Barf, not in hear mister, no that's my name.....barf.  I'm half dog, half man, I'm my own best friend."  SHUT UP WIFE, I'm working here