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Drunken Master

SCORE: 8 Beers

Many of the true and faithful follower of Drunken Master may stray from the path with this review. But really all I got to say is, "Have you ever seen such a hot foursome (Sans porno) in a flick with absolutely nothing to say.  Madonna thinks she's the shaite, but she's simply a kinky fucking cheap street bimbo. I'd preach morals but I'd get ragged on in the email, and if any of you have read that stuff, I get really saucy before I respond to that crap. Near Demolition man level I would say. But to get back to the review of this movie, eight beers you say, shouldn't it be more like eighty beers and a lobotomy? I plainly say NO! It's got enough cameo's and cheap T&A shots (sans nudity) to keep any teenage boy alert, or drunk/stoned adult paying attention. Now I am not condoning drugs, far from it. Drink up, it's legal as long as you don't sit on your porch talking about how daddio's snow tires got slashed while drinking a natural light. But I ramble......On to others.

Darth Buzz

This is an apology from the rest of the staff to our readers. (I think it's safe for me to speak for RC & JM)  We know this film sucks ass and we refuse to watch it.  Out of almost 3,000 voters on IMDB the average rating was a whopping 3 out of 10.  DM if you wanna go jack off, watch a porn, not this shit.  So to offset that thumbs up we salute you DM.


Jurassic Mark

Who are these true and faithful followers of Drunken Master? I usually do exactly the opposite of what you recommend.