Star Trek: The Original Series v.23



review by  Darth Buzz

Picture: 8
Sound: 6
Menus/Extras: 3
Overall: 6
Notes:  These Star Trek DVDs are only worth it if your a die hard Star Trek fan.  The picture is solid and looks fantastic for an old TV show.  The sound is in 5.1 Dolby Digital and can't get much better considering the original source material.  The extras are thin on all these DVDs just a menu and broadcast preview trailers.

Darth Buzz

8 for Episode #45

7 for Episode #46

Episode #45 -- A Private Little War

The show starts with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy down on a planet that Kirk had visited 13 years earlier as a young Starfleet officer. Kirk is talking about "back in the day" when there was peace and love. While he is giving this speech, low and behold all hell breaks loose and the two groups that live on this planet start shooting at each other. The two groups of people are the black hair hippies and the blond hair hippies, and the black hair hippies now have guns. It turns out they got their guns from the Klingons. So Kirk like a good boy scout supplies the blond hair hippies with guns too, so they can start killing each other in earnest. Along the way all three of the main characters get injured. Spock gets shot early on and we get to see his gripping fight for life and death while Nurse Chapel holds his hand for the rest of the show. Right after that Kirk and Bones go back down to the planet and Kirk gets attacked by a guy in a white gorilla suit with spikes on his back who has a really cool scream. Not as good a scream as one of the Body Snatchers movies but still cool. The white gorilla thing bites Kirk and apparently they are poisonous and Kirk needs the help of his blond hair hippy buddy's wife. She is a dark hair vixen wearing tight shinny black pants and a low cut front. Her skills are apparent. She saves Kirk with a piece of dung.  We even find out later in this episode that you can revive a Vulcan from a coma by slapping them around. As you can see this is an epic episode that covers various topics including war, sex, drugs, politics, killing, Vulcan medicine, and of course white gorillas with spikes on their backs. I recommend it highly.

Episode #46 -- The Gamesters of Triskelion

The famous episode where Kirk, Uhura, and Chekov are whisked away to the planet Triskelion to battle in the arena as thralls (slaves).  The main point of this episode is to show some action scenes with Kirk doing combat, back when you could believe that Kirk might actually have been able to kick ass, and to show off the green haired thralls tits and ass in her skimpy shinny silver outfit with silver go-go boots.  There is one scene where where you get about a one and a half minute look at her ass... hot.  You also get a good peek at Uhura's ass under that little skirt she wears early in the show.  This is a staple Star Trek: The Original Series show.  You get tits & ass, and some cheesy action.  What more could one ask for?