Star Trek: The Original Series v.24


Nurse Chapel, open wide baby.


Darth Buzz

8 for Episode #47

5 for Episode #48


Episode #47 -- Obsession

This is one of those episodes that all those spoofs of Star Trek are based on. The spoofs always depict the guy in a red shirt getting killed. In this episode, by my count we see 8 red shirts and 5 die and 2 are injured.

In this episode Kirk runs into a killer cloud that smells like honey that he had run into as a young Starfleet officer, and had killed the whole crew of the ship he was on except him. After they make their initial contact and Kirk remembers his prior contact with the honey cloud he goes mad dog and makes it his personal crusade to kill the honey cloud. (hence the title Obsession) Kirk while on the Enterprise scanning the planet for the honey cloud goes ballistic on Chekov:

Chekov, "We've run a full scanner probe twice."

What a dick. The episode meanders along, Spock and Bones bond a little dealing with Mad Dog Kirk, while Kirk beats himself up for failing to waste the honey cloud as a young officer. ( he paused for a whole 2 seconds... get over it already.) Bones comes after Kirk with the old your not fit for command routine and Spock joins in for more bonding. Tension increases as they chase the honey cloud through space:

Scotty, "We can't do it... if we keep up this speed we'll blow up any minute now!"
Kirk, "Go to warp 6."

One of the afore mentioned red shirts (Ensign Garrovick) makes the same mistake as Kirk with the honey cloud and pauses before shooting. So then Garrovick beats himself up just like Kirk... the circle is complete.

The Enterprise finally tracks down the honey cloud and fires phasers and photon torpedoes at it and it doesn't even phase it. As you can see it was worthless for Kirk and Garrovick to beat themselves up all this time. (Kirk did it longer so he is the bigger dumbass.)

Finally at the end Kirk makes some giant leaps in logic and they track down the honey cloud and then blow it up with an anti-mater bomb, but not before a little wrestlin' match between Kirk and Garrovick deciding who's gonna stay to set off the bomb. Guess who wins that match?

Episode #48 -- The Immunity Syndrome

The Enterprise runs into the zone of boredom (cheesy hole in space) with a giant amoeba inside it. The whole crew seems to have as much insight into this amoeba as a high school science class. Lots of vague dialogue, sleepy time. Spock and Bones knock cocks to see who gets to fly a shuttle into the amoeba and Spock wins and goes in. Kirk gains a stupid insight through a dumbass discussion about virus's with Bones, and says, "Antiii-boooodies." He decides to use anti-mater on the amoeba, probably because it sounds like anti-bodies or maybe because it worked against the honey cloud last week. Whatever, no one cares at this point. The inside of the amoeba looks like a 60's hippy color dye slide show that might be of interest if one were on acid. (pretty colors) Anywho the anti-mater bomb goes boom like last week and the problem is solved. Kirk then scopes out one of his Yeomen hot babes and they fly off.