Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones


A Jedi Shall Not Know Anger. Nor Hatred. Nor Love.


Darth Buzz


AOTC is a better movie in every respect than Phantom Menace. Itís not even close. Jar Jar (for the most part) and that shitty kid are gone and their absence improves the movie right off the bat. The visual style of AOTC is better than PM too and I think AOTC is the best looking Star Wars film of all. In the mood department only Empire is better, and overall I think only Empire is better. AOTC is great Star Wars stuff.

As far as the story goes, have any of the Star Wars films had a real good story? Not really. When I watch a Star Wars movie, I want to see ground breaking FX and death and dismemberment by lightsaber. This movie had plenty of those two.

Kaminos = Spacemonkeys

End of Review

The Case for the removal of Drunken Master from the Jedi Order

I brought this DVD over to Jurassic Markís place for our weekly movie viewing and this was Drunken Masters first time to view ATOC. That right there tells you that DM is no longer a serious Star Wars fan. He didnít even make it into the theater to see it once. Iím not Mr. Theater myself but one has to have exceptions. I could have forgiven him if this was his only trespass but as the night continued the evidence mounted against him. As we approached the end of the film as some of the best scenes in the film are about to begin Jurassic Mark and I notice that DM is starting to nod off and fall asleep. This is before the big Jedi battle in the arena and such, remember, this was his first viewing. You can tell he is enthralled, right? Then we get to the end of the film and DM perks up and starts spouting that AOTC was the WORST Star Wars movie, even emphasizing that The Phantom Menace was better. (Oh Jesus!) I donít think I need to go into much more detail, but It will just be sufficient to say that he continued down the path of the dark side.