Strange Days


Darth Buzz


The ending was kind of fucked up. They needed to kill Juliette Lewis in the end, or maybe at the beginning. I don't want to see her naked body again either.  This movie just kind of sucks.

Jurassic Mark


Strange Days boasts three Academy Award nominated actors and a big budget with impressive sets. I cannot remember a movie with greater assets being more fucked up than this one. I was shocked at how bad Juliette Lewis was in Strange Days. I was surprised that an actor who had recently been nominated for Schindler's List--Ralph Fiennes--would subject himself to a movie that has a scene where the bad guy (and you know he's the bad guy because this is the kind of movie where the protagonist's best friend turns out to be the bad guy) tells our hero the entire evil plot against humanity rather than just shoot him. But, this isn't even close to the worst scene in the movie. At one point, Fiennes and Bassett are cornered by some bad guys and a dog (which has no other purpose in the movie) jumps up and grabs the bad guys arm and gives our heroes a chance to retaliate. Fucking stupid script. Amazingly, this piece of shit goes on for two hours and twenty-five minutes. 

Drunken Master

SCORE: 6 Beers

I too do not want to see that fucking white trash bitch nude again.

Preach it JM.