Texas Rangers


Count Your Bullets.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 6 Beers

"I bid fifty."....."Fifty what?"......"Fifty of them." Up rides a horde of gun touting Mexicans ready to kill the white man. Basically this is a fuck the white man movie made by numbers by some no name director who's claim to fame is directing one of the Dawson's creek kids in a flick that harbors some of the worst spoken lines in the history of mankind...........All of these of course are orated by Ashton Kutchner who deserved to be disemboweled and served at a state dinner for Bush and Sharon. Thus, the madness ends, dog and cats will live peacefully together, rodents will dig elephants, TV's will admit they aren't that sexy, lesbians will convert to Satanism.....all wrongs of god will be forgiven. But only after Kutchner is sacrificed on the alter to all that is because this mother fucker couldn't act any worse than the offspring of Keanu Reeves and Chris Klien mated 
with Juliete Lewis. Nuff said.

Darth Buzz

This just looks bad, and by the way Drunken Master rambles, it sounds like he didn't care for it either but lo and behold he gives it a 6 and thumbs up.  What the hell?