They Live


Who are they? And what do they want?


review by  Darth Buzz

Picture: 6

Sound: 6

Menus/Extras: 2

Overall: 5

Notes:  This is a no frills no extras, your lucky you have a menu, DVD.  The picture has no major problems nor does the sound but they're nothing special.  As for the extras... there are none... just a menu.

Darth Buzz


This is a movie that is exactly what it tries to be.  It's a really campy, Sci-Fi, B-movie.  If you like B-movie alien invasion movies then They Live is the movie for you.  Roddy Pipper is laughable as the lead character.  Had this been a serious attempt at a "real" movie he would have sucked, but in They Live he fits right in.  Everything in the film is laughable so getting an ex-wrestler as the main star works.  Pipper's fight scene with Keith David in the ally is classic.  It's a little slice of wrestlemania.  The scene were Meg Foster busts a bottle over Pipper's head and pushes him out a window and down a hill is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.  This is a good B-movie.

Drunken Master

SCORE: 13 Beers

First off let me say that the following movie review heavily reminded me of yet another movie......(Face from the A-team) and some wrestler guy and rock music. This movie sucked, as does the movie I am about to review. Any
time a prime time wrestler (Hulk Hogan, Rotten Roddy Piper) is in a motion picture beware. I like cheesy movies, however Films of this nature do not meet the necessary necessities of quality shitty movies. Thus this movie must suck. The highlight of my movie going experience from this movie was:

1. I realized Keith David of Pitch Black, and more fame was in it.
2. The Old dude from some cheesy Skinemax flick was in it.

On the Cheesy entertainment film scale, this rates between a half heated bagel with rotten cream cheese, and Ghost Dog's mother laying on her back in a raptured heated encounter where her squirrel covers are being twirled above her head as she screams, "RIDE ME COWBOY!". Needless to say I feared watching this movie before I watched it, (Due to countless assaults of the senses from Skinemax) and was punished thusly. SUCK ASS!