The Transporter


Rules are made to be broken


Drunken Master

SCORE:  5Beers

For some reason the critics really did not like this movie, and I'm pretty sure JM would immediately say, and I quote, "We're not watching that shit!" This is of course with his little previous knowledge of the movie, you see he does this to just about all movies that fit into the genre of "This could be a piece of shit movie.....but might be greatness." JM has a great phobia of being exposed to these types of movies, and so far the only two that DrunkenMaster and JM can agree upon is Starship Troopers, and Bring it on. (We both get erect watching Kristin Dunst dance around.) This movie however is jammed right into that genre and I think stands up there at the top of that list. At the beginning of the movie we have a bank robbery getaway car chase that is quite exciting that Jason Stratham supposedly drove himself. This opening scene introduces us to the first of the rules of being a transporter. Needless to say things get fucked up the more rules we learn especially when our fearless transporter begins to break them. However is you like hot semi-acting Asian chicks.....This one was Qui She or whatever her name is.....I think this is one of her first American language movies otherwise Drunkenmaster would be on a B-actor breakdown mode of her past films. But, fear not foolish mortals, Drunken Master gives this one a toast. Just for being entertaining and having good action scenes.