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Drunken Master

SCORE: 7 Beers

Who else but Wierd Al Yankovic could bring you Conan the Librarian? Who else could develop the jingle for Spatula City that RUSH LIMBAUGH uses? I'm thinking most people wouldn't get this flick. This is a numero uno underground comedy classic that most people would not appreciate. Badgers........we don't need no stinking Badgers! WHO WANTS TO DRINK FROM THE FIREHOSE? A big downfall of this movie is giving Victoria Jackson a part, she's better known as an airhead from Saturday Night Live. This is her big claim to fame.......being an airhead. Gee, how many blondes get a chance to be.......well blonde? Unfortunately Ms. Jackson is neither Talented at being blonde, extremely untalented as an actress, and by no means shows any comedic skills with her performance. Her acting reminds me greatly of a elementary school girl having great difficulty in pronouncing her own name. If any person dead or alive can give me any reason why this woman had a career (If you call it that) in show business, then I can give you the cure to every known disease. Did she give fantastic head to Lorne Michaels? Is that it? When an actor or comedian has problems in continuing a complete sentence of substantial thought I think a career change to a dishwasher is in order. Watching her "Act" is about as pleasant as having Bubba Joe drill a hole in my head with a power drill while still conscious. If she has a thimble full of talent then I have a gallon milk jug full of my semen that she needs to guzzle right now. God she sucks ass.