Under Siege



Darth Buzz


Segal slaps some people around and then gets the girl with the Playboy-Bunny tits. Goddamn, if that isn't the American way then I don't know what is. This film makes me proud to live in the good old USA. Come on... sing along... O Say can you see. By the dawns early light... 

Drunken Master

SCORE: 5 Beers

Buzz I ain't scene this on the page yet, therefore will crap a review as thus. (Editor's Note: The review had been here for about a month.)
"I'm Just a cook". "Look I've done some pretty stupid stuff in my day". "This is not the work of a cook". For the first major Die Hard clone type movie that I can think of, this movie was pretty fucking cool. Good cast with Tommy Lee Jones, Playboy Chick, Gary Busey, all playing cool roles....And best of all we get to see Erika Eliniak's breasteseses....they deserve a longer description.