The Waterboy


A man with a serious drinking problem


Drunken Master

SCORE: 5 Beers

To all the interlopers and hyena's out there that may try to taunt my review. Get a life. This is a check your brain at the door, grab a sixer and kick back in the ole lazy boy movie. If you want a serious movie with a serious review, check out Jurassic Mark's classics, or wait for a review of the Governess from me. I dig the shit, close to the bottom of the barrel, but not quite the shit that hangs at the bottom of a well aged cottage cheese container. This movie is a guilty pleasure, but it made a shitload of money (Made around 160 million dollars). Thus a hit by Hollywood standards for a comedy. Sandler plays a village idiot with a IQ built from legos who lives in the swamps with the devil and Mrs. Bates. Football action ensues and the audience rejoices. I'm a big time sucker for a movie with a cool soundtrack, and this movie qualifies. Zydeco and it's likenesses get my foot a' stompin, thus a cool soundtrack. Not many a dull moment, and there are some pretty funny sight gags. I.E. see the baseball through the window hitting Colonel Sanders in the head while yelping, "Beeeeeeah".