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Drunken Master

SCORE: 4 Beers

Let me start off this review by raising my arm and giving the universal finger of fuck you to any of you naysayers.  Guilty as charged, I enjoy this piece of shaite.   Do I ask for forgiveness, FUCK YOU.  No, this movie fucking rocks.  From the begining Dun Dun.....Dun dun......I'm hooked.  The soundtrack, the plot, the sets, sans acting are cool.  Now any other member of this panel can tell you.  I think Costner Fucking sucks the sweat off a donkeys pulsating vibrant AIDS infected balls, however in this movie he's tolerable as is all the other half ass sun stroke ass acting in this movie.  I can't think of a single "GOOD" actor in this movie, and that's sad.  But still I dig this flick based on it's pure cheese appeal.