A new breed of friendship


Drunken Master

SCORE:  6Beers

If for the fact that I don’t adore rodents, this movie might really suck ass. As it stands however for the remake of a 70’s horror flick this is quite good. Crispin Glover is quite possibly the best cast role ever filmed. He is Willard, and that is the keystone upon what this movie is built upon. A sad pathetic man works in a company in which his father began, but lost to a friend due to finances. His job is guaranteed as long as his mother lives. (She’s hot…..check out her feet!) Needless to say, rats enter his life, take over his life and damn if some of the scenes in this flick ain’t cool. Laura Herring plays his pseudo love interest/coworker and she STEAMS when she is on screen. However her character seems a little to cutting room flourish if you ask me. If you’re a rodent fan as I am, you’ll probably love this movie…..I did.