Wing Commander


At the edge of our universe, all hell is about to break loose.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 7 Beers

Should I like this movie, no not really, should any of you out there....Hell no, this should be like a 15 for most of you. But you have to bring into the equation of how many movies hadve Matthew Lilliard and Freddie Prinze been in together. We're getting close to the dozen territory. Now is this typecasting, or is it Rat Packing, or is it a tragic sense of modernism where Hollywood packs the shaite that sells into neat packaging. I heard in a radio interview that this was like numero 8 or something....God Damn, to have such as career. But as a reviewer, you want something you can carry away from this review that doesn't drip on the carpet. You know, this is one of my longer reviews where I really don't say much about the movie........Special effects aren't that bad, not awesome, but they definitely don't date the movie instantly by them. Dialog ain't all that bad, not great, but then have any Batman movies won any awards. Oh and as a last warning.....Chant, "This is a video game". continuously while watching this movie, because that is what this is.

Darth Buzz


I'll do a mini review of this piece of shit so that when I rag on a film in other reviews you can reference this one to know that, "Hey this guy has seen some really shitty movies."  This is an exquisitely horrible film.  I was tanked up with enough alcohol to drop my IQ level to midrange double digits and I still felt raped by watching it.  I'll spare it the 1 treatment because it's Sci-Fi.  They got the genre right.