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Drunken Master

SCORE: 4 Beers

Anytime Famke Janssen wears a leather jumpsuit, I'm all for it. If I had the money I'd pay her to to cartwheels in my front lawn as a full time job. She is basically the get all of female human greatness. If any male on this fucking planet told me that she doesn't "do it" for them, then I'd be the first in line to take a sledge hammer to knock some sense into them. Granted that I have a severe weakness for brunettes, but that should be well stated. The casting in this movie I don't think could be any better based on the script they had. Halle Berry was the only doubt in the cast, and her's was a throw away role as far as lines. But the rest......oh they were good. And if you have the DVD, try to watch the extended version, because it really is much better than the streamlined corporate version.